About Us

Feha Grup A.Ş. served in the construction, automotive, food and plastic sectors in 1989, contributed to the production, development and growth of many brands and became a leader in industrial production.

As of 2019, by establishing the FEHA brand and concentrating its production facility planning on this brand, it has entered into the production of Floor Filters and Shower Channels in the sector.

Feha; With its quality product, wide product range and high production capacity, it is one of the ambitious companies in the Bathroom accessories and wet volume sector. The wide range of products has made our company the center of attention of other manufacturers as well as its customers. With its model company feature, it has gained a respected place in the sector.

As Feha; With our innovative, high quality and distinctive products, we aim to be the undisputed leader of the strainer and shower duct sector.

It has all the international quality certificates, utility model and patent certificates, ISO 9001-2015 quality certificate, ISO 18001-2007 Occupational health and safety management system ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System ISO 10002-2014 Customer Satisfaction System Authorized Obligor Certificate certificates that it needs to sell to every region of the world and to provide competitive advantage and has made international brand registrations of its products. These documents include the well-known quality certificates of DVGW, AENOR, CSTB, GOST, AVIZ TEHNIC, UKR SEPRO, SKZ, TZW and other countries; is periodically audited by independent organizations. With these documents, it guarantees its customers successful organizations with high-quality products, project-specific applications and solutions.

Feha, which has become an exporter to more than 27 countries in 3 continents over time, has been among the "Top 1000 exporter companies" of our country since 2015. In a short time, it has become a popular and desired brand in Africa, CIS countries, the Middle East and Europe.

Fehas ultimate goal; To be able to deliver products to every point of the world.

Feha; Basically, although it has always decided to protect its exporter feature, in recent years, the Shower Channels and Floor Filter Group, which is needed by the sector, has started to give dealerships in the country. With these current investments, it has become an important power of the sector in the domestic market.

With the goal of producing quality products, it has taken customer satisfaction to the forefront; has adopted the principle of producing error-free products with the support of laboratory studies and R&D department.

Feha; Despite the heavy competition conditions in the market, it has adopted the vision and mission of always standing behind its products by not compromising on quality, and has adopted a progressive and modern line as a principle.

Feha, which continues to contribute to the sector with R&D, design, project and high engineering studies; It will continue to bring many more projects and investments waiting in line to the surface when the time comes.

With its corporate structure, FEHA has a closed area of 7200 m2 in its own facilities, from Metal to Plastic; From Project to R&D from Engineering to Design; FEHA GRUP A.Ş. is a subsidiary...